ENSI GENXYDE's Artificial Illusions - December 21st 2018 - Download Now for FREE!

ENSI GENXYDE's Stereo Areola - Release date unannounced!

ENSI GENXYDE's The Feared - Released October 31st, 2017. Order now for $12.99!

ENSI GENXYDE's The Cavernous Fractures of the Splitting Neuroliots - Released September 9th, 2016. Order now for $9.99!

Music to Destruct the Masses - Released December 21st 2012. Order now for $9.99!

Quad EP - First CD release in 13 years (2011)! 4 EP's on one CD! Order Now for only $10.00!

Magick Domain - Link A or Link B - A piece of music I originaly wrote when i was 13 or 14, this was recorded when I was around 17 years old.
"Officially" released in 2007 as an Internet song file, although it has floated around for many years before that.

The Pirate Song from 2001.

A Genxidal Helloween CD from 1998. Click Here to Listen!

Birth - First EP/Album from 1998.

Cover Songs - Here you will find free Mp3's of my cover songs. (free because I have no desire to make money from covering other artists songs.)

Free mp3's of my music can be found on the following sites:

Free Videos of my music:



Just download to your computer, then e-mail them to your phone.
ENSI GENXYDE - Red - Ringtone

Sound Samples by ENSI GENXYDE

The Sound files below are free to use within your music or other production, aslong as credit is given to me, with both of the following sets of words within the quotation marks, in it: "ENSI GENXYDE" and "Genxide.com & Genxyde.com"

Drum Loops Sounds Sound Effects
Drum Loop 99 bpm A1 Test Tone Can Crushing Csharp5sharp11
If you need a sampler, I suggest Fruity Loops.