`ENSI GENXYDE's Artificial Illusions

This album was created between September and October of the year 2018.
It is comprised mostly of experiments with AI music creating software, where I used it to generate individual instrument tracks and mixed them together in ways that I liked, and used them to create music, and then mixed that with various free sound sample and loop sample sources, and also added a bit of my own stuff with that.
This album is free, and may be reproduced in it's entirety so long as no money is obtained through it's reproduction by others, and the full album cover (front, inside and back), and liner notes are given with it.
I will be uploading tracks once per week, till all tracks are uploaded, this will give me time to complete all inside and back cover graphics/liner notes. Happy Winter Solstice and enjoy your holidays!
Released December 21, 2018
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          ENSI GENXYDE's Artificial Illusions album, can be listened to and downloaded for free at:

Track List:
  1. The Belly of the Cobra
  2. Colors of Sorrow
  3. Groove Confusion
  4. More to come every week!